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The Story of Iran Sanction Evasion

If the United States of American and major EU powers don’t pay attention , then they may not be able to prevent Iran from from developing nuclear weapons. Despite the stern sanctions meted by the US, the Iranian government is hell bent on advancing its nuclear weapons program. Iran has continually pushed for the advancement of neuclar weapons, despite the opposition and sanctions from the year 2002. The Iranian ambitions are lead by government officials. Despite the numerous sanctions,the Iranian government continues to push for nuclear weapons.

For instance, sanctions imposed by America and EU have badly damaged the Iranian economy. The Iranian government is hell bent on developing nuclaier weapons even though there are numerous protests in the country. While formal sanctions are working, the Iranian government is coming up with innovative ways to by-pass the system. If the US and EU are not careful, then the Iranians could still acquire nuclear technology using devious ways. The following article summarizes how the Iranians are by-passing tough sanctions by the US to continue their goal of developing nuclear weapons.

Acquiring firms in other nations

The government operatives in Tehran are buying out firms in foreign nations with the aim of advancing their nuclear program. For instance, there is a scheme by the Iranian government to invest in firms in Germany and Italy via proxy companies. A clear suspicious activity going on involves Iranian operatives buying firms dealing with industrial gas.

For example, operatives in Tehran using proxy firms have successfully managed to buy out a number of companies dealing with gas products in the city of Frankfurt, Germany. Once The US was alerted about these activities, several companies were shut down but the tricks persist. A majority of firms acquired by proxy companies representing the Iranian government haven’t made profits hence some have been forced to shut. The main agenda of the Iranian government is to use devious ways to acquire the skills and materials needed to advance their nuclear program.

Foreign procurement

The Iranian government is using tricks to by-pass the sanctions by utilizing proxy firms based in nations such as UAE to procure illegal equipment and materials. For example, there are plenty of Iranian-linked companies based in Dubai and Turkey that are working round-the-clock to smuggle banned materials into Tehran. Government operatives in Tehran are continuing with their tricks to smuggle banned materials for their nuclear program, even as the US and EU keep watching their every move.

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